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Joan Quigley, Ronald Reagan’s Guide to the Stars

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Extended Show Notes Extensive outline of the points that we touched on during the course of the episode: Introduction Genesis of this show is that Nancy Reagan died recently, on Sunday, March 6, The New York Times ran an interesting and touching obituary that mentioned her use of astrology. I was surprised that they made it seems like she only turned to astrology after the assassination attempt on March 30, This was part of the damage control narrative after the story broke in The problem with the narrative is that the Reagans had consulted with astrologers prior to Purpose of this episode is to give an overview of what happened, and discuss some lingering questions and issues that are still points of debate.

The press had a field day with the story, and it became a media sensation. White House was forced to release a statement on whether it was true. The press quickly identifies the mystery astrologer Nancy was consulting with: Joan Quigley. The following year, , Nancy releases a book titled My Turn. Dedicates a chapter to the astrology controversy.

Tries to frame the use of astrology as a reaction to the assassination attempt Calls it an emotional crutch that became a habit. Acknowledges prior interactions with Quigley before , but downplays.

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A year later, in , Quigley published her own book. Gives a detailed account of her relationship and work with the Reagans. They first met on the Merv Griffin Show in Quigley says Nancy was a client from Met Nancy in person in Quigley and Nancy both acknowledge some work was done during campaign Quigley says she selected the time for the debate with Carter.

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Says she tried to pick a chart that would be problematic for Carter. Both seem to acknowledge that work together ramped up after assassination attempt. Last time they talked was in April of before the media story broke. Had the Reagans Used Astrology in the Past?

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When Reagan became governor of California in they may have used an election for his inauguration. The inauguration was delayed and held at a weird time, a. Nick says a. The NYT says that news reports at the time speculated this was due to astrology.

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He is not guided by the stars. He was a popular Sun-sign columnist, with lots of celebrity clients in Hollywood. Initial connection with the Reagans as actors. Oddly he died April 30, , which is right when the astrology story broke. In his book Don Regan said that the Reagans used to consult with her starting around the time he was governor, but then she lost favor with them at some point.

Did Ronald Reagan Believe in Astrology? This is still a point of dispute. It seems like part of the damage control in the late s was for Nancy to take the fall for it. In My Turn Nancy says that Ronald was unaware, and then when she eventually told him he said ok but be careful since people would be upset if it got out.

Quigley tries to address this point but virtually all of her interactions were with Nancy. Quigley says that there were a few points Reagan specifically inquired about through Nancy, like what should be done in the aftermath of the Challenger disaster.

Presidents and the Paranormal: Ronald Reagan

The extent to which astrology was being used in the White House makes it seem unlikely that Ronald Reagan would be unaware. Something would have to be seriously wrong for him to be that oblivious, especially when it involved changing times for signing important treaties, or firing his chief of staff because he disagreed with Nancy about the astrology. Some associates later said him believing in astrology would seem out of character, while others said that it would seem in keeping with what they knew about him. Three associates cited in God and Reagan said they never heard Reagan talk about astrology and it seemed like it would be out of character.

Ultimately it seems hard to say. Unfortunately we may never know for sure. Too many to mention. Some of the more notable ones are listed below: debate with Jimmy Carter. Elected times for important negotiations between Reagan and Gorbachev, for example such as the important Reykjavik Summit. Advised Reagan to keep quiet for extended period during Iran—Contra scandal. Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit Email.

He made a joke about seances. In , Barack Obama held a news conference just after winning the election. Afterwards, he called Nancy to apologize. He has a spiritual adviser. The closest thing Donald Trump has to a personal astrologist or psychic is a spiritual adviser named Paula White. White is known for her luxurious lifestyle and celebrity adherents, including such names as Tyra Banks and Michael Jackson. She believes God elevated Trump to the role of president.

On the astrological side of things, Bustle reports that is going to be a chaotic year for the whole Trump family, according to the stars and planets.

President Reagan guided by an Astrologer

Five presidents were Scorpios, and five were Aquariuses. Out of all the presidents the American people have elected, five of them were Scorpios and five of them were Aquariuses. Scorpios are known to be focused, balanced, careful, and secretive, while Aquariuses are known for being rebellious, smart, eccentric, and guarded.

Do these sound like presidential qualities to you?