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Working with moiety does not, however, change some of the fundamental rules of aspects which include the fact that applying aspects are more powerful than separating aspects are because applying aspects represent events that are going to happen, while separating aspects represent events that have already happened , and that the closer to exact an aspect is, the stronger it is. The last concept we have to introduce is that of the void-of-course Moon. The Moon, remember, is what shows things happening in the chart; the aspects that the Moon makes indicate events. When the Moon has no more aspects to make before it changes signs, this is an indication that nothing else is going to happen until there is a significant change in the underlying situation.

The Moon goes void-of-course at the moment that the last aspect becomes exact. In the classical literature, we are told time and again to avoid the void-of-course Moon. This is not necessarily a hard-and-fast rule, however. The thing to remember about the void-of-course Moon is that it represents a time when you are not going to be able to have much of an influence on the outcome of the events.

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This is not necessarily a bad thing—in fact, sometimes, this is exactly the outcome that you are looking for! When you fill out the forms or have your accountant fill out the forms you want to pick a time conducive to focus, attention to detail, and sharp minds. One more disclaimer: if you are in a hurry to receive your refund check, you probably want to avoid the void-of-course Moon or the dark of the Moon when filing your taxes. A low profile can also mean that your return and your refund check take longer to process.

The void-of-course Moon has some caveats, naturally. In many of her business dealings, she has taken to electing times to meet with new business clients during these void Moons. Understanding when the Moon goes void-of-course is very important to creating a successful electional chart. The last aspect that the Moon makes before going void represents the outcome of the matter. Do not underestimate the importance of this! You may find a chart with wonderful lunar aspects—say the Moon moves from a Trine to Venus to a conjunction with Jupiter—and under most circumstances, this would be a very favorable chart.

To find an Opportunity Period, look at the aspect when the Moon goes void of course in a sign. Opportunity Periods exist when the Moon goes void on an easy aspect, which Jim defines as any trine or sextile; a conjunction to Mercury, Venus or Jupiter; or an opposition to the Sun, Mercury, Venus, or Jupiter. The Opportunity Period begins as soon as the Moon has completed its last difficult aspect in a sign, and continues until it goes void of course.

If the Moon makes no difficult aspects in a sign, the Opportunity Period begins as soon as the Moon enters the sign assuming that the Moon is not void of course through the entire sign, which is possible, though very rare.

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Opportunity Periods are excellent times to begin events that are important to you, but not necessarily important enough to require a specifically timed and tuned electional chart. Because they represent periods of time when the Moon is only making easy and harmonious aspects, they represent a flowing, direct, and easy progression of events.

Needless to say, we do have a few exceptions to consider as well. Therefore, when the Moon is void of course in these signs, it can also be looked on as an Opportunity Period. The next exception has to do with the Moon conjunct the Sun. These planets are effectively made invisible because the Sun outshines them and we can no longer see them in the sky. Of course, this exception also has an exception. Note: do not attempt to use cazimi if it occurs during a solar eclipse, or if the Moon will be leaving cazimi and forming a difficult aspect.

Eclipses are another important factor to consider when working with the Moon in electional astrology. The most important thing to recognize about eclipses is that they represent an interruption in the normal lunar cycles. Under normal circumstances, the Full Moon represents a release of all of the energies that the Moon has collected during the previous lunar cycle. In the context of electional astrology and events, what happens during a Lunar Eclipse is that everything proceeds exactly as we would expect it to, and then at the last moment, something entirely unforeseen and unexpected occurs which interferes with the expected outcome of the events.

If you do find that you need to consider an electional chart that occurs in an eclipse cycle, be aware that you may be confronted with unexpected obstacles and hidden motivations, and be absolutely certain that you have enough other positive and encouraging factors in the chart to justify your choice.

More advanced techniques of electional astrology involve working with the rulers of the houses of the elected chart. Bear in mind that electional astrology uses the classical rulership system, not the modern rulership system. The table below lists the signs and both the classical and the modern rulers. In an electional chart, the houses represent different aspects of the question, and the relationships between the rulers of the houses indicate the course of events and influence the outcome of the events.

The table below describes briefly some of the meanings of the houses in electional astrology. Needless to say, some of the houses tend to be more important in electional charts than others! By far the most common types of electional charts involve the ability of two people to come to an agreement, and in most situations, this means finding a time when the ruler of the First House you and the ruler of the Seventh House the other person are in good aspect to each other. In this way, it is possible to create a harmonious connection between the two planets and the houses that these planets rule in the chart without the planets actually being in aspect to each other in the first place.

The Moon can only be said to be truly translating the light between two planets when there is no gap between when the Moon has completely separated from the first aspect, and has begun to apply to the second aspect, and of course when there is also no intervening aspect that will occur. In other words, we need to consider the moiety of the planets involved. Even though Mercury and Jupiter will eventually conjunct each other, they are too far apart to be considered in aspect. In an electional chart, this would play out that a third party the Moon helps to bring Mercury and Jupiter together and they are able to be in agreement with each other.

The type of aspects that the Moon makes as it translates the light between two planets is important to consider. Before you decide to create an electional chart for an event, you must decide if the event is actually important enough and significant enough to you to merit an electional chart.

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  • Once something has become routine or commonplace for you, electional charts lose their effectiveness. And once you do decide that you are going to elect a chart for an event, remember that there is no such thing as a perfect chart! Consider what it is that you want to accomplish so you can have a clear understanding of what your elected chart should look like.

    10 Tips for Electional Astrology

    If you want something to grow, choose the waxing phase; if you want something to shrink or diminish, choose the waning phase. And if you want something to go unnoticed or to not produce much of a result, choose the dark of the Moon or a void-of-course Moon. Even though this is a waning Moon, the Moon-Sun trine is an extremely fortunate aspect, and can be used quite effectively for events that are meant to grow and flourish.

    These time periods are also excellent to choose for simple electional charts. For more advanced and involved electional charts, consider which houses of the chart are important to your question, and what kind of relationship you want to see between the rulers of those houses. The Moon in Medical Electional Astrology.

    Lunar Aspects. Lunar Aspects Lunar Aspects and Events in Electional Astrology Because the Moon moves so quickly through the signs, it also forms the greatest number of aspects to all of the other planets, often in rapid succession. Aspects Used in Electional Astrology When working with Electional Astrology, the only aspects that matter are the so-called Ptolemaic aspects. Since the Moon moves so quickly she has a special orb of 13 degrees for applying and separating aspects, which is approximately her average daily motion.

    Try to make sure that she is applying to something positive within 13 degrees. Many electional texts urge you to avoid beginning new ventures when the Moon is void of course. In the Medieval tradition this was defined as a situation where the Moon is not applying to any planets before she makes an ingress into a new sign. In the Hellenistic tradition the definition of void of course was a bit different, with the Moon simply not applying to any planets within 30 degrees regardless of sign boundaries.

    So, generally speaking, I would recommend that you have the Moon applying to another planet in your election. The gist of the idea is that the placement and condition of the Moon will indicate the circumstances surrounding the first part of the endeavor that your election is based on, but the condition of the planet that rules the sign that the Moon is placed in will indicate the circumstances surrounding the second part or outcome of the election.

    Or, in more simple terms, the placement of the Moon indicates the beginning of your endeavor, and the placement of the lord of the Moon indicates the outcome. In practical terms this means that even if the Moon is really well placed, if its lord is very poorly placed then the matter will go well in the beginning but then there will be problems later on.

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    Conversely, if the Moon is really poorly placed but its domicile ruler is really well-placed, then there will be major problems in the beginning, but later on things will be more smooth and successful. Of course, if the Moon and its lord are both in terrible condition then the endeavor will suffer problems throughout, but if they are both auspiciously placed then the subject of the election will go well from beginning to end.

    The take home lesson here is to pay attention to the lord of the Moon, as well as the Moon itself. This is actually good advice when you are studying the condition of any planet, because even though this rule primarily relates to the Moon in electional astrology, the same rule applies to studying the condition of any planet in a chart. Although this is not possible in every election, it is important to try to determine if there is a specific house in the chart which has a close association with the subject of the election.

    For example, if the person is electing a chart for the start of a journey to a foreign country then this would be a 9th house matter. If it is a marriage election then it is a 7th house matter. And so on. If you are able to identify a specific house that is associated with the election then try to make sure that the planet that rules that house is well-placed, as well as any planets in that house. Nor would we want to have an applying Mars-Saturn conjunction taking place in the 9th house in the electional chart.

    Instead, it would be better to have the ruler of the house under consideration be angular, direct in motion, in his own sign or exaltation, free from the beams of the Sun, and applying to the benefics. The concept of sect is important in electional astrology because it is useful for quickly identifying which planets are going to be more problematic in a chart, and conversely which planets are going to be more helpful. Sect helps to demonstrate that the malefics are not always fully malevolent, nor are the benefics always fully benevolent.

    It largely depends on the sect status of a planet in a given chart. Generally speaking, Saturn is not as malefic in a day chart, and Mars is not as malefic in a night chart. However, when Saturn is in a night chart, or Mars is in a day chart, these are the planets that you have to watch where you place in your electional chart, as they will be the source of some of the greatest difficulties and problems in the election. Also, Jupiter is the more of a benefic in a day chart, and Venus is the more of a benefic in a night chart.

    However, when they are contrary to this, they have their benefic significations restrained or downplayed somewhat. Always identify which of these two planets is acting as the more beneficent one, and then place that planet in a part of the chart that will help to support the election. For a more detailed explanation of this concept please see my previous post on the astrology of sect. Under certain circumstances it is advisable to place the ruler of the ascendant in the house that is in accord with the topic of your election. This goes along with the second approach to electional astrology which I mentioned earlier in the article, since this would help to ensure that the electional chart actually reflects the subject of the election.

    So, for example, if I was setting up an election for a trip then I would place the ruler of the 1st in the 9th house. If I was building a home I would place it in the 4th house. If I was starting a new organization or social network of some sort then I would place it in the 11th. Sometimes this approach is more about making the chart look like what you would like to achieve as a result of your new venture.

    So, for example, you might place the ruler of the 1st in the 2nd if your goal was to make some money. It all depends on the context of the election. If you keep these 10 tips in mind then you should have more than enough information in order to select an auspicious electional chart, or at least to avoid some of the major pitfalls.

    If you would like to learn more about electional astrology then you might be interested in signing up for my online course on electional astrology. Or, if you would rather have someone else select an auspicious election for your new venture, check out the electional astrology consultations page on my website and we can set up an appointment. I also have a monthly podcast on electional astrology where I outline the four most auspicious electional charts I can find over the course of the next few weeks.

    Website Launch Using Electional Astrology

    If you have any of your own tips for electional astrology then I would love to hear from you. Let me know in the comments section below. Article tags: aspects , electional astrology , inceptional astrology , katarchic astrology , rulerships , sect. He offers personal consultations and teaches online classes through his website at www.

    Eu resolvi comentar as 10 dicas e ainda adicionar dois pontos […]. You forgot to mention the most important rule of the rules: The election chart must not be considered solely, but in concordance with the natal chart. For only what is indicated in the nativity, or by the directions for some certain time, can take place in life. Compare the radical chart and the electional chart. In general it is not so good to place the electional ASC opposite or in square to the radical ASC — this would mean that the electional chart is more likely to show no effect, as the election is adversed to the natal chart.

    But if these rules apply btw I am not an astrologer then must be the worst year for anyone to start an important venture because both Saturn and Jupiter are debilitated sidereal. These two planets being the most important when electing a time for a business it makes sense that so many businesses have been failing lately and the economy is the way it is. I have been a long-time student of electional astrology and enjoy visiting your blog.

    I have just found an application for my iPhone that evaluates every day in the year based on electional astrology. Check it out. Thank you for the very informative article on electional astrology. You mentioned that there are not many good books out there on the subject of election but I found one you may want to share with your readers.

    It is very well written and fills a much-needed void on this subject. A good article. It is believed that Sage Vasist wrote first treatise on Vedic electional astrology many centuries before Christ. For differences in the two systems, one may log on to wikipedia: electional astrology. This is a good Article I gained a lot of information from this 10 tips for electional astrology.

    Thanks for posting this article….. Dear Chris, I am new to Electional Astrology, but your article gave me all the information I need to start to set up my own charts and gave me food for thought concerning the moons importance and the planetary sects. Keep up the good work. Thanks Margaret! I have a question regarding the last aspect of the moon. What happens if mercury moves beyond venus since mercury is the faster of the planets, and the moon in reality applies to venus first and then to mercury.

    electional – Alphee Lavoie's Astrology Software

    Is the last applying aspect to venus or mercury? In my election, it is venus as the last aspect but in reality it is actually an aspect to mercury — so will my election end as a mercurial or a venusian theme? And similarly: What if the moon is applying to two planets, aspects one of them, but the other planet changes signs before the moon reaches it? When is the moon considered void? I would love to get feedback on this and discuss these issues with anyone that is interested. I think that what counts is the planet that the Moon will actually connect with eventually, rather than the one it is only applying to at the time of the election.

    There are some issues with the modern definition of void of course though. Thank you! Thanx for your 10 tips on electional-may I add something? Things begun on a waxing moon are more likely to grow and evolve ,this is in keeping with the lunar energy of the waxing fortnight each month. Enter your email address below to subscribe to this blog and receive new posts by email:.

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    Electional Astrology : Time for Every Purpose under Heaven

    This was the very first time that the three …. Two Approaches to Electional Astrology The way I see it, there are basically two ways of going about doing electional astrology. Establish the Most Symbolically Important Beginning of the Election This is the first and sometimes most crucial step in determining any electional chart. Find Periods When the Planets Are Dignified The next step is to examine an ephemeris and identify certain periods in the future when one or more planets are somehow dignified.

    Ensure that the Ruler of the Ascendant is Strongly Placed Once you have gotten to the point of narrowing down a specific date it is important to start thinking about the precise time for the election, and in order to do this you really need to focus on picking an ascendant that that is ruled by a auspicious placed planet in the chart. Focus on Applying Aspects An important conceptual rule in electional astrology that goes back to the earliest strata of the tradition is that applying aspects indicate the future, while separating aspects indicate the past.

    Carefully Consider the Applying Aspects of the Moon This is a corollary of the previous consideration, although it bears emphasizing because of the important status of the Moon in electional astrology. Planets In or Ruling the House Associated With the Election Should Be Strong Although this is not possible in every election, it is important to try to determine if there is a specific house in the chart which has a close association with the subject of the election.

    Pay Close Attention to Sect The concept of sect is important in electional astrology because it is useful for quickly identifying which planets are going to be more problematic in a chart, and conversely which planets are going to be more helpful. Put the Ruler of the Ascendant in the House Under Consideration Under certain circumstances it is advisable to place the ruler of the ascendant in the house that is in accord with the topic of your election.

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