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But they are blessed with a happy married life. They are loyal individuals who are devoted to their marriage, and to their friends, and colleagues. Thanks for reading Vedic astrologers call them Dashas. You can read more about this in the coming slides. Please continue. Besides them Rahu and Ketu play an important part in Vedic astrology. They represent the North and South node of the Moon. A feature that calculates the best time for marriage, career, wealth, and travel. A feature that checks compatibility.

Planetary time periods...

A feature that explains how your planets have moved since the time your were born. So if you want to know what is happening with your life right now then this is for you. I promise you won't need to read the weekly horoscope from now. Moola - Personality These people are sweet and soft-spoken. Career They switch jobs and careers quite often, but when they settle down they are the most hardworking people. They are most compatible with Poorva Ashadha, Moola and Chitra. He does not care about tomorrow and is happy to live in the present.

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He is god-fearing and knows that God will take care of him in any adverse situation, which makes him a really optimistic person. The male native of the Moola Nakshatra is kind of careless about his financial reserves, which frequently leads him into debt traps. He is good at giving advice to others but is not capable of following it himself.

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This trait makes them suitable for the profession of financial advisers. As he is skilled in many fields, there are likely to be frequent job changes, so there will be no stability on the professional front. Besides, such a carefree attitude also makes him always in need of money, and since he absolutely refuses to earn his money in any illegal way, his balance sheet seems always to be tilted towards the left side.

Therefore he would do well to stay away from friends who are extravagant by nature, and in whose company he too may end up spending more than he can afford. The male native of the Moola Nakshatra, save for a few cases, is unlikely to get any benefits from his parents, and is a self-made man.

Moola Nakshatra born characteristics and features - Astrology

He is likely to enjoy a fairly good conjugal life. His spouse will possess all the qualities of a good housewife. The male native of the Moola Nakshatra will be prone to getting affected with tuberculosis, paralysis, or persistent stomach problems. Normally this native does not pay much heed to his health because of which he may face problems when he is 27, 31, 44, 48, 56 and 60 years of age. The female natives of the Moola Nakshatra are very pure hearted. But they can be very stubborn, even about petty things, which not only shows her in poor light but also frequently invites unnecessary problems for her.

The female natives of the Moola Nakshatra are generally found to be uneducated, as they are simply not interested in studies. Many of these natives, it has been observed, end up repeating a class because they have failed. Eventually, they drop out of education. It is only when Jupiter is placed favourably in the Moola Nakshatra that this native makes rapid advances in education to reach the very top of her field. I feel sleepy now and would have slept off. Why should I write such articles just because Sai wants me to write?

I am trying to do what ever I can to bring peace of mind for some girl somewhere in India. This article is not just for girls who are born in Mool Nakshatra. Its for every Men and Women who have faced issues in their relationship due to caste and horoscope. Even when you like someone and have been in relationship with a guy or a girl for years, if Sai thinks, they are not right for you, you will eventually face a breakup.

So bear it and move on with your life. If someone better is there for you but its gonna take too long for them to come in your life, Sai will make you wait. Note — When I write about Men, I get into their situation and write. When I write about girls, I get into a girls soul and write. My intention is to make you feel light. That someone cares for you. Contribute to StarSai.

Most bad affected areas of Moola Nakshastra

No wonder there is a saying aayiram poi solli Ori kalyanam pannalam. Here the girls side is really honest. So sad. There are no such stars in other religions. God bless.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Contact Share your Sai experiences. Written by venkatraman. Sairam friends, One of our relative was sick and admitted in hospital. I took my parents to Saibaba temple and spent few minutes there.

Moola Nakshatra

A request for girls born in Moola Nakshatra to survive in the Marriage Nation The articles I write in StarSai are based on small thought process which emerges in my mind or the dreams Sai shows me. Even your good friends will comment on you. You have to be careful in every single stuff you do in your life. Beyond your horoscope, its the good deeds you do in this life which will bless you with a good husband.

Ask your parents to live in peace The hardest part to do. Focus on your Education and Career When the whole Nation treats you as if you almost lost your citizenship since you are not married, you must focus on your education and Career. Let me give you an example. There are girls who lost their husband after they have a baby.

There are girls who meet with an accident or get sick and because of that their husband leaves them alone.


So remember this basic principle — If you feel someone is good enough and comes from a good family, for Gods sake go ahead and marry. If you believe in Sai, Saibaba will only do good to you and your family. Wrote in Feb Being a feminist in a Country where people ruin your reputation for being good to women Wrote in April I have never spoken a word back to people who ruined my reputation I must have decided not to write this article and lived my life.