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Over the centuries, minor aspects have been added to the basic Ptolemaic set of conjunction, opposition, square, trine, and sextile.


Many modern astrologers now use semi-sextiles, quintiles, and quincunxes. What do quintiles and other, less well-known aspects 7ths, 9ths, 10ths, and 11ths mean symbolically and practically? Biography: Priscilla Costello. Starting letter of your name activates a certain part of your natal chart. Find what seed sounds or Beeja are good for your wellbeing.

No other historical Wall Street trader and forecaster has been an enigma quite like W. He discovered the sacred geometry in cyclic planetary patterns that influence not only speculative markets but also the tides of generations and countries. As a legacy to future generations of traders, he left behind courses, books, charts and some teachings of a cryptic and esoteric nature — like his novel, The Tunnel Thru the Air TTTA.

Gain insights into his major forecasting cycles. One of the keys to chart delineation is learning how to interpret the rulers of the 12 houses when they are in different houses. For example, what does it mean when the ruler of the 7th house is in the 11th house, or when ruler of the 10th is in the 9th? In this lecture attendees will learn how to interpret these placements, as well as how to identify when the topics associated with them will become activated at specific times in the life of the native by using a timing technique known as annual profections.

As the psychosynthesis therapist Pierro Ferrucci says Each of us is a crowd. We all have our habitual ways of being, characteristics that we feel safe to express and these are known as the Primary Selves: But often some kind of Pleaser or Pusher or Protector. But we also have characteristics that we feel are not acceptable — our shadow selves referred to as the Disowned Selves.

Watching over all this and deciding which selves are and are not acceptable is the fearful figure of the Judge or the Inner Critic. Usually this whole system of Primaries, Disowned energies and Critics is set up to conceal and protect our vulnerable selves such as the Inner Child.

Working with the Psychology of Selves in a process known as Voice Dialogue, we can get to know all of these selves including making space to hear from Disowned and Vulnerable Selves and to discover the importance and value of the energy they hold. Of course this theory fits perfectly with astrology. In a horoscope we can see all of it — the primary selves, the disowned selves and the vulnerable selves. Understanding the process of Voice Dialogue can be immensely helpful to an astrologer as a way of communicating the paradoxes and polarities of the horoscope — the dance of the Selves — the theatre of the archetypes that is astrology.

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The 8th house fascinates with its complexity. It is an umbrella under which we find sexuality, seduction, entanglement, the underworld, the values of others, taboos, inheritance, debts, but also guilt, shame and possessiveness, death, transformation and reincarnation. A glimpse behind the mirror.

In this talk, we will explore the relationship between various concepts in eastern philosophy, like karma and enlightenment, with the history and practices of western astrologers, spanning from the Hellenistic dawn of astrology up to our current "modern" era. As we go, we will explore some of the ways in which we astrologers sometimes misunderstand, or misuse various eastern, philosophical concepts, as well as suggesting some of the healthy ways in which we might incorporate them into our practices.

If you think you know about astrological aspects come to this lecture. This in depth look through my research reveals much about major and minor aspects, how they manifest in your chart and help guide your future. Midpoints represent points of balance between two planets, house cusps, asteroids and other chart factors. When received by conjunction, midpoints are profound tools shedding a light on physical health, by adding intricate details to classic health signatures. When triggered by transits, solar arcs and progressions conditions often manifest. Each planet has its own cycle, and some are more important than others as markers of time, especially Jupiter, Saturn, the outer planets and Progressed Moon cycles.

We see that these particular cycles are strongly active between the ages of 35 and During that crisis we sometimes regress into adolescence, and live the transition to adulthood again. This lecture will discuss the astrological and psychological signatures of spies — Foreigners and Americans spying for the U. As with other heavenly bodies, when asteroids come to station, they have a powerful effect on lives and events, becoming embedded in consciousness, pivotal in character and destiny, the focus of energy and biography.

Taking Princess Diana as an example, just by noting her stationary asteroids, we find both her names, her husband, the importance of her marriage, the connection to royalty, a memorable funeral, and the city where she died. Learn more about these celestial powerhouses.

Horoscope June 2019 All Signs: Breakthroughs, Breakups and Voyages

Sometimes hard aspects can be difficult, while other times they can be more constructive, but how do you know which way it will go? Ancient astrologers considered a host of mitigating conditions, which could alter the interpretation of basic chart placements. Astrology is a powerful tool for helping people to understand themselves and their world. With this cosmic knowledge, people can then begin to make the decisions they need to make for their own lives.

We will explore the role of the astrologer, the dynamics and skills of astrological counseling and how to interpret the transits and progressions in a way that facilitates a healing dialogue between astrologer and client. In astrological practice you can find 7 factors that make people stay together and in constant contact. Relationships have a mission that distinguishes them as "temporary relationships" or "long-term relationships".

People are mainly involved for; learning, walking a transition or to be life partners. It is very important to know what factors set the planets to be a glue and allow people to stay together. It works in all relationships, not just romantic ones. Do you have a natal planet conjunct an angle? Such placements result in "super-sized" maverick energy impelling the native to march to the sound of their own drums and set their own rules. Michael will present surprising examples of both negative and positive expressions that illustrate the dramatic affect such placements make and how they influence society and change the world.

Susan will explain the new planetary cycles and aspects that will affect your Sun sign and rising sign in Susan will give you several points in the year to make note of.

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One of the big features of will be the close orbits of Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn, for all three will travel in close degree to each other in Capricorn. We will look at the recent move of Uranus into Taurus for the first time and also the six upcoming eclipses. We will look at what that portends for all of us — in society and in your chart. Composite charts are created from midpoints of planetary positions in two or more individual horoscopes.

Of the three main astrological techniques used to explore relationship dynamics, they are often the most accurate in describing the energetic connections between two people, shedding light on the purposes of the relationship as well as both compatibilities and challenges. We'll look at Meghan Markle's and Prince Harry's charts as examples.

Chinese traditional astrology is a sidereal astrology composed by planets, lunar mansions, houses, geographical division, trigram, symbolic stars, lifespan, and etc. It looks a very complicate system if you want to do a one-to-one correlation. A basic knowledge of Chinese Philosophy is extremely necessary to understand what a Chinese astrological chart talking about. Heliacal Risings are the starting point for so many developments in our astrological,astronomical evolution. The Egyptians used the helical rising of Sirius, the dog star to mark the summer solstice and mark the beginning of their calendar year.

Many other countries used the heliacal rising and culmination of the Pleiades, in the constellation Taurus to mark events in the world. Aztec and Mayan calendars were based on the culmination of the Pleiades. The Maori of New Zealand used the rising to begin their calendar.

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The cycle of Venus is also based on risings as is precession of the equinoxes. Transits are the basic tool to understand the cycles of our life, but in Vedic astrology the Dashas reveal the big picture when certain cycles will manifest. Joni practiced Western astrology for 20 years and helps Western astrologers use the Predictive Vedic tools in their practice. We'll look at the history of the symbols, how they were further developed by Jones and Dane Rudhyar, and how they are used today.

We'll examine the resonance between the Symbols and charts of famous people, of countries, and historical events. We'll look at the Sabian Symbols as a horary tool, an aid to chart rectification, and more. Some of us are thinkers, some builders, strategists, researchers, artists, and counselors. We will explore the key signatures to denote vocation, path, and purpose. This course will give you a deeper understanding of your chart from a business perspective, and what sort of team and culture may best suite your specific needs as an entrepreneur.

We will explore the archetypes of career and learn how to build a stellar team using your own birth chart. The Magical Tradition was a big part of Astrology since its conception. Growing out of the same philosophical and cosmological roots, It holds powerful keys to the mystery of the Astrological cosmos and its inner workings.

Financial astrology: can the stars affect stocks?

Not all love though is fast and immediate. There are also relationships that last a long time. These relationships have their own astrological signatures, which denote stability and security. Friendship is another marker of a long term, long lasting relationship. This lecture will explore the various markers of a long lasting relationship, and what makes two people committed and faithful. Where is the money in YOUR chart? What can you do to become more financially abundant? What is holding you back from having your financial security needs met and what can you do to correct it?

How can you feel financially secure with Uranus in Taurus?

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Find out how your succedent houses and planetary aspects answer these questions. Annual profections is a timing technique that shows which topics will be highlighted during each year of life. It can also narrow down which transits will be most important to pay attention to and will bring about events related to those themes. This lecture will teach you to start using this technique right away, and will illustrate via example charts how to narrow down potential event timing by adding this to your astrological repertoire. An often overlooked but vital technique for astro-mapping, parans or line crossings can make or break a location's benefits.

In this lecture you will learn how and why parans work and how understanding them can add to your ability to decide where along a beneficial might be best. We will also learn how to use a paran clock, an amazing tool for daily life.

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Interested in doing astrological writing? Learn insider tips for writing horoscopes and forecasts, submitting to research journals and other publications, writing and selling books, and the different styles of writing for the public and for the astrological community. We shall be cultivating metaphoric agility whereby to Conjure Calliope out of the Cauldron of Calamity. Dynamic gems of wisdom from the sky geography downloaded into a natal chart can be a challenge to translate to our clients. The first step is understanding your own mode of operation and how that might affect what the client needs from you.

Additional techniques helping you to express your astrological knowledge will be explored with examples given. Listening to the client words speaking the natal chart deepens the process. Break out your platform shoes and shoulder pads and shake your groove thing at the post-banquet dance party, where DJ Pluto will play a wide variety of her top picks from the 70s and 80s. Now, some astrologers are predicting the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12, may be our next shot at Armageddon.

Can astrology give us perspective on events of such grand magnitude? How can we minimize the risks and maximize the potential of this powerful cosmic moment, both individually and collectively? This is determined using the Table of Planetary Dignity—a tool that gives insight into how an aspect may be expressed.

Though centuries and worlds apart, surprisingly, they share a unique philosophy and a legacy regarding the doctrines of Aspects and of Houses, which goes to the core of the celestial dynamics in the chart. We will examine these not-immediately-obvious connections, how they show up in the works of all three, the legacy they left us, and how it used today in chart work. Psychological, Evolutionary, Archetypal, and Shamanic forms of astrology have all been deeply infused with his spiritual and astrological insights.

The crowning work of his long life was what he called the Cycle of Being. The flow of Unity and Multiplicity, Manifestation and Dissolution, and Life and Rebirth are all beautifully illuminated by this simple diagram. Synodic cycles are when two planets conjoin. They vary from less than 2 years to years, igniting brand-new energies wherever they conjoin in your chart and are inclusive of the houses they rule. How will the Synodics trigger you?

What do you leave behind? Bring your charts, your sense of humor, and not just your planets in fixed signs. All welcomed!