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Horoscopes should not be viewed only by the general public fate. But there are a number of reasons why Mars is a solution to the planetary planet. If you do not have horoscopes with that alter eclipse, you must assign it to the Mars Dose Horoscope. So parents can understand that if you sit in your children's horoscope on Tuesday, there is no Mars dose. You should look at 16 types of Mars. Is there a Mars Dose after that?

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Is not it? To come to an end. There are no mosquitoes wherever they are born in two lakshans, Kadaka Laksham and Shimla Laksham.

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The second house that is sitting on Mars is not mosquito if there are mummies and virgins. Taurus is the 12th place on Mars and if there is a Tula rasis there is no dose of Mars. There is no dose if lime or marshmallows on Mars. Do not join with Mars Wednesday There is no dawn on Wednesday.

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The Sun does not have the sun even in the sun. There is no dose anywhere on the moon planet laknat 1,4,5,7,9, Laxnath is a masculine rasi azha, shiva, scorpion, and mahram in Mars. Tuesday is his supreme home, his own homework, a scorpion in the scorpion. Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are the most likely to be seen on these planets, if there is no dose. So parents can examine your children's horoscopes and examine whether you have a dose of Mars. You can search for a suitable partner. Virgin-mecam-Mars, Pisces-guru. Pisces -Wallam-Venus, Virgin Mercury.

Merkkanta zodiac, laknattar merkkanta directions to severe problems, disease resistance, the enemy, such as a loss of 6,8 and patakatipati directions given funded In the sixth house it is said that the sun, Saturn, Mars and Raku ketu are said to give good fruits in their diaphragms. But, when the sun, Saturn, and Mars are sitting beside the cape, he will be in the throes of frowning.

The family is a foe. It will go to our partner or our money will be gone. When In the sixth house, there will be good fruits, if you are sitting on the planet. In 6,8,12, the planetary planets should not disappear.

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That's the nature and the cosmetic dishes will disappear. It will be destroyed if the cigarette smells, the clitoris, the luxury and the providers.

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It's impossible to live in the family life too. The guru conceals and conceals the word. Lamenting that no one should respect us, many of the emotions will be caused by the children who are always in the guru. The fact that the Guru plays any factor is bad. It is worth the respect and respect in the community and in the relationship.

When the planetary planets disappear in 6, they are our enemies.. When we disappear in Principal 6, we are lighting our head. We are barred from the progress of our development.

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When I am in the 6th Principal 6, my mother is the enemy only for some. Anyway you are saying mummy. Mother will be patient. Yes when the lord is in 6, the enemy will succeed us. Our property will go to our partners.

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Whenever a family has differences in their lives, preparing for a divorce and comes to him for consultation. Paramasivam will nicely guide and advice to the Husband — Wife so that they unite back successfully to lead a very happy life ever after!

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He was very much interested in astrology from very young age. And he learnt most of his domain knowledge from his Grandfather and his Father by practicing along with them. In times where Astrology has been used, for constraint predictions of single person or self or family, Jothida Rathna Sri KP Vidyadharan was instrumental, predicting on Society, Politics, Economy trends which helps everyone in the Society. This earned him the Doctorate from the University of Madras. By studying Planetary positions consistently, he has been providing advices and predictions regularly on how these positions affect the day-to-day happenings in the Society, Politics, Economy etc.

By analyzing, under which planetary position we stand, we can better equipped on selection of our choices and succeed on everything every time! Each and every minute the planets impact their rays on us, from persons we meet on day-to-day life proceedings. If there is a happening, the science reasons with is systematic knowledge that is capable of resulting in a prediction, Similarly Astrology also with its traditional knowledge helps the society and people in finding solutions and answers for the complex problem in this Fast Furious World.

Astrology guides us to avoid situations like; where we unknowingly getting into problems as well provide solutions on how to come out of them.