Gemini horoscope for november 10

While you're in this mood, you are likely to cause stressful situations for others around you. Try to figure out a way to calm your feelings. It's especially important that you don't use your biting wit to attack others, openly criticizing these people for their shortcomings. Focus your attention on a question related to your family real estate - if you do this, there's a chance the issue will be resolved in your favor. Some Saturdays are for laying around and relaxing, and today, Gemini, that's all you want to do.

Give yourself a break if you don't want to spend the day cleaning and dealing with other household chores. I assure you, everyone else will be fine with it. This evening, you may need to do some work, with a close family member, possibly a grandparent or older relative, asking for your help on some matter. Other than this, you'll enjoy a lazy day and enjoy a leisurely trip somewhere, even if it is only a shopping trip. Cancers this is a lucky day for you to be shopping.

Consider doing this online, it will save you money, time and energy. You'll have a chance to spend the day off with your family or close friends. Remember that it's enough to just hang out together.

No one expects you to spend lavishly on them, so don't initiate this yourself, it could backfire on you in an unexpected way. Focus on time spent together, not on material things. Following this thinking, don't be overly zealous in ordering a lot of food and drinks. You'll regret consuming this anyway. You're busy during the week, Leos, but don't use your days off to exhaust yourself dealing with your home. Take time out to really relax. If there's some physical activity you love doing, go ahead with it, but don't feel too bad if you're not feeling up to it.

Taking a break is helpful for everyone now and then, and even you are no exception to this. Give yourself a chance to re-energize yourself however you need to. It's more important for you to feel like you've enjoyed your day and have the energy for the week ahead.

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Today you get to practice having patience and restraint, Virgos. You just need to remember that the day is only 24 hours long and any annoyance you feel will soon be over. You may end up on a tedious trip today - it will be annoying mostly because of the company you're in. Your fellow travelers may range from extremely boring to tireless back-seat drivers.

Your unpleasant interactions could also come in the form of an uninvited guest or some phone call from a person requesting something from you or sharing the unpleasant news. Smile and nod - any confrontation is ill-advised.

Libras, bring some harmony back into your life today. For you, it's not too early for spring cleaning. Tidy up your house, look at unfinished projects and decide if you want to invest in them or let them go. You can also decorate a little, picking up a few stylish things for the interior. If you have been putting off doing something fun with your appearance, take that bold step today, you'll be happy with the results.

Scorpios, you'll be happy to experience luck in lots of small ways today. Whatever you have scheduled to accomplish, you'll get done. At the same time, you risk losing perspective on the big picture. If you are interested in a romantic relationship with someone, realize that it won't happen on this day. If you have some material dream, such as a home expansion or an expensive purchase, you'll need to ramp up your savings for these.

This will be a fun day for you, Sagittarius. You'll enjoy your afternoon and during the evening go out to an event where you'll find yourself the life of the party. Today's topic: your daily horoscope for November The Moon feelings finishes out her transit in dreamy and intuitive Pisces today, connecting with Chiron the healer in Pisces in the early morning hours which should help soothe what ails us.

In the late afternoon, the Pisces Moon stops by for a friendly meetup with Mercury communication in transformative Scorpio, helping us to say what's in our hearts and better hear our intuition. Things get a little shaky though when the Moon squares off with Venus relationships, money in freedom-loving Sagittarius, which may leave us feeling like what we need and what we want are at odds.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

However, when the Moon goes Void-of-Course by the early evening, it will be our cosmic cue to sit back, chill, meditate, and shake off any frustration of the day. And remember to tune into Bustle's weekly horoscopes video live on Facebook every other Monday at 4 p. EST for a rundown of your weekly horoscope.

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Sometimes it's not enough for you to want something in order for you to get it. Sometimes you have to believe it's already yours. When it comes to fulfilling your desires today and beyond , you'll have to start putting this practice into action. Love could come through a friendly introduction or by way of some online flirting today, if single. While coupled Taurus could find themselves plaaning out the future with their beloved.

Overall, intimacy is what you crave now. While you can be comforting, warm, and encouraging, people can only reach out to you so far until you start shutting them out. While you can be positive and supportive and warm to a great degree, there is a certain point where people cannot get past. Once people get near this point, you become defensive. You become secretive and you really hold back your thoughts.

The reason for this is you have gotten hurt in the past. This really is a natural defense mechanism. The downside to this is you may be so cautious and afraid of going through that experience, that you end up shutting out people who would otherwise have been great lovers, as well as close life allies and best friends.

Your Daily Horoscope For November 10, 2016

This explains a lot about how you process information. This also explains a lot your strategy with other people. You are very emotional. And in many cases, you have blown out of proportion a past traumatic event and this has prevented you from developing deep relationships. This explains certain areas of yourself that you yourself find uncomfortable. This really is too bad because the more you dig into these deep, unexplored spots, the closer you would get to some sort of resolution that would enable you to be more trusting.

Instead, you need to trust with your eyes wide open. You should actively filter people in your life but leave enough grey areas so friendships could truly blossom. The lucky color for those people born on this day is yellow. This color reflects joy, intellect, and energy. Just like sunlight, it can penetrate up to a certain level.

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This describes your personality to a T. A lot of Scorpio people feel a bit jaded about the rough hand life has dealt them, and are often the last people to refer to themselves as lucky. Many a Scorpio ignores their powerful gut instinct to instead concoct a game plan on how to move ahead in a given situation.

And yet is it not true that fortune favours the bold?