Sag man and gemini woman compatibility

Either way, the Gemini woman and the Sagittarius man will always look to outdo each other, whether in love or war. Since the couple doesn't really appreciate the subtle pleasures of being in love with each other, they satisfy their basic primal needs when they come together.

This simply means that when a Sagittarius man and a Gemini woman come together, they usually do so with the idea of having sex. Though they may try to make their relationship work to an extreme level, they will eventually come back to each other to satiate their physical needs. Though there is nothing wrong with this, many people would not appreciate it and raise unpleasant questions.

However, as free and careless that the Sagittarius man and the Gemini woman are, they will go about their own lives without bothering to cater to others needs. With a strong partner like a Sagittarius man, it would become overwhelming for the Gemini woman to be the dominant and outspoken creature that she is. She will remain submissive - the anger of which will remain in her. She will thus become moody and not appreciate her Sagittarius man's presence around her. The blunt, brutal honesty that the Sagittarius man displays will do nothing to salvage the situation.

Gemini Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

He will become rude looking at her attitude and it will only go on to harm them. They will both reach that stage in their lives where they will be unable to make further compromises. On the whole, the couple may not be able to make it work for themselves but there is always an 'exception couple' who will prove all the standard stuff that is said about them to be wrong. There is always a chance that things might work out for you but that is only if you give it enough time, patience and value. Login Or Register.

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Customer care 10am — 6pm, India. The Sagittarius man belongs to the Fire element, which makes him furious, enthusiastic, courageous and self reliable in nature. Whereas, the Gemini woman belongs to the Air element which makes her intellectual, smart and a sharp-witted person.

Why Gemini and Sagittarius Are Attracted to Each Other | PairedLife

The Sagittarius male is ruled by the planet of Jupiter, also known as the king of the Gods, and represents an outspoken persona who is social, intelligent, spiritual and optimistic in Sagittarius characteristics. The Gemini female is ruled by the planet of Mercury, also known as the Messenger of Gods, and signifies effective communication in formulating ideas and opinions in the day to day life. The Sagittarius man is full of energy, power and zeal. They are quite philosophical in nature along with being optimistic, outspoken, loyal, self-dependent and open minded.

On the other hand, the Gemini woman is very intellectual, fun-loving, interesting and very quick to notice and understand things around her, that is she is aware of her surroundings. Thus, due to their differences, they may feel attracted to each other, making the Sagittarius man Gemini woman compatibility a triumphant association.

Gemini & Sagittarius // Compatibility

A serious love affair can be expected between the Sagittarius male and Gemini female, and a casual affair can also be expected, as they are almost the opposite in their essence, but opposites do attract each other like the two opposite poles of a magnet. The Gemini female is totally attracted and charmed by his intellectual personality at first. As he is also outspoken, he will tell her everything about him with a lot of honesty, thus communication will not be an issue here.

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She wont be able to express everything in the first go as she has her own twin nature to deal with. But she will let him dwell in her secrets slowly and steadily. Showing sympathy towards her will make her a lot more happier which in turn will help them to share a great bond with one another. The Sagittarius male may sometimes loose his cool if he finds that the Gemini female is dishonest, not true to him and close minded while dealing with him or things around him.

He himself, sometimes, becomes quite moody which may worsen the situation. If the sun-moon ascendents are in a positive position, there will be less differences in their opinions, and even if they do exist, will not create much of a problem. Rather, they will become a reason to be more apprehensive towards one another and be more romantically involved.

Will Sagittarius Man and Gemini Woman Form a Delightful Love?

As mentioned earlier, both Sagittarius man Gemini woman will be very much attracted to each other and will comprehend with one another. The Sagittarius male , is sometimes prone to attracting negative vibes which makes him really anxious and worried.

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He may have arguments with the her which might be very straight-forward, blunt and hurtful and, once she looses her control as well, she may use her sarcasm which he may not like it at all. If the position of the sun-moon ascendents is not in their favour, they may have frequent arguments which will make them loose their grip over their relationship.

Sagittarius and Gemini Compatibility

The Gemini female indulges herself a lot in her dream world and her fairytales which he is never able to comprehend as he is way too practical and sensible for it, which may create a barrier and thus hamper the Sagittarius man and Gemini woman compatibility. They will share a great physical relationship, where the Sagittarius male is quite passionate and the Gemini female is quite attracted towards his charm.

This makes them have a beautiful intimate relationship together. If Sagittarius and Gemini love match take care of things that are a hindrance to a perfect relationship, then the Sagittarius man compatibility with Gemini woman will flourish for sure. As they are totally opposite in terms of their sun signs, they tend to be really close to each other. The same reason may also spark heated quarrels but once they understand each other and not be judgemental, they will allow this free flowing individual nature to let them have a beautiful relationship.

It is important for both of them to be loyal towards each other and never lie to one another, whatever the circumstances may be. Though the male Sagittarius is not good at lying, the female Gemini should see that she is not lying to her partner at any cost, even if it means to win a small argument. If this zodiac signs love , convert their dissimilarities and differences, to a possibility of knowing each other in a better way, then the compatibility of Sagittarius man and Gemini woman will shine like a bright star in the sky.

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