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And though I had been painfully shy as a teenager, I did grow into a sharp-tongued lawyer well respected in government. If we did, we chalked them up to coincidence. Being Indian by way of New Jersey, I often railed against this determinism, pointing to the variations among the readings as evidence of their falsity, even if a few did come true.

The lawyer in me prized rationality and logic, and the idea that outcomes were predetermined ran contrary to all my work, education and ambition. That is fixed. One of the many stories that my parents — and eventually I, too — wanted to change with each telling was that of my marriage. It was simply our fate, which had been written long before he and I met. I had grown tired of replaying every wrong move and angry word. Instead, I tried to relax into the great comfort that none of our behavior had mattered.

I told myself I had been trapped in a choose-your-own-adventure book in which all paths led to the same sad ending. And in this way, I finally managed to peel myself from the couch and return to my life in New York, where I had to study for the bar exam. A few weeks later, I was back in New Jersey for lunch with my parents, where they presented me with an envelope and a small plastic bag containing a pendant with a translucent blue-tinged, tear-shaped stone. I glanced at the envelope. Amita Patel USA.

Health problems? Everything going wrong? You may be under black magic.


Contact us and all your problems will be solved. I had always pitied the desperate fools targeted by those ads. Now it seemed the desperate fool was me. My parents explained that the astrologer had predicted a bright marital future for me once an obstacle was removed. Apparently, the position of two Vedic planets in my chart — Rahu and Ketu — was troubling, and my parents should have done a prayer ritual to rid me of the effects when I was born.

Instead, they had let these two mischief-making planets have their way with me. The absurdity of the whole thing made me laugh, but I was eager to read the instructions and glad they were in English so my parents would not be able to skip the bad parts.

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I was to light incense and meditate on Lord Chandra, the god of the moon. I was to wash my moonstone in milk and the waters of the Ganges luckily my parents always have some in the refrigerator while repeating the Chandra Mantra times. What did I have to lose? I wore my moonstone religiously and hoped Rahu and Ketu would stop messing with me.

After taking the bar exam, I headed off on a seven-week adventure to Southeast Asia.

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I was in Laos on that 60th day of the moonstone prayer ritual, which I had completely forgotten about. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. See more.

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