January 18 horoscope pisces or pisces

It reveals where we need to improve. It opens up conversation in a new way.

Astrology of Today – Thursday, January 18, 2018

Capricorn may wonder if Aquarius's new innovations are too trendy, too modern, but they are useful and they sure do save time. It's a change, but in this situation change is good. Change is a necessarily part of how our universe works and it should be something all of us look forward to in our own lives. Finding the right person to be there to pick the ball up when you have to make a pass is one way of handling the fear of change.

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Activities that are good for today's energy forecast include researching science, binging on Discovery Channel, taking a trip to a science museum or studying astronomy and astrology. Where your zodiac sign's house is positioned on the astrology zodiac wheel, and where the planets are positioned at that time, your energy and reaction to that placement may be different than someone else. Aries, you don't have to always be in control.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Evolve

This can be a tough lesson for you to master; however, trust that as your inner voice guides you correctly, someone else's does as well. Taurus, it seems simple enough, but honor yourself. Take care of your body and it will care for you. Don't skimp on the things that you need to be well from the inside out. Make you a priority. Gemini, you shine brightest when you're happy. Happiness and forgiveness go hand in hand. Don't let the way things are in the world change your heart. Let resentment go to the side and focus on practicing love.

Cancer, life can sometimes seem like a series of test and sometimes this can feel exhausting! Resolve that no matter what you face, the end result for you is more self love, more confidence, and more joy. Leo, set your mind to something and stick with it.

Keep a can do attitude about the tasks you face and remember that what you set your mind to do can happen. Virgo, you are the master of your own fate even when it seems like things don't go as planned. Learning how to change and adapt will be your super power today.

Libra, when you see things as part of the ebb and flow in life, you have the opportunity to enjoy it more. Let things flow the way they were meant to be and change what you can. Scorpio, you can accomplish more than you imagined today but it will require a little more planning and forethought than usual. Distractions may come but remember that you hold the cards. Sagittarius, change is good. You can consider the things that you see happening around you a golden opportunity to learn something new about yourself and about others.

Money & Career Horoscope

Wisdom is a powerful thing in the right hands. Capricorn, dream big and take ownership of what you conceive. You are at your best when engaged in physical activities. Meditation and deep thought will reveal who is true blue in your life. You may not be at your best in social situations. Avoid disagreements with family members and try to be more sensitive to their needs. What seems important now will seem petty in hindsight. LEO July Aug. There could be a situation that tempts you to sign a contract or prods you to act quickly without adequate investigation.

Be smart and don't bite into an attractive hook. Some people merely repeat the words of others without understanding the content.

Daily Love Horoscope

If you want others to listen to you then you must think for yourself. Passing flirtations are not serious but can make time fly. You could experience unexpected events or be subjected to interference by well-intentioned friends. You must judge who you can trust and who has your best interests at heart. Your enthusiasms may be temporarily placed in check.

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  • You may need to repeat an action repeatedly before you can get it right. Hold onto your wallet and make no major purchases. You may consider yourself quite crafty, but you may over think a situation or act from a defensive position. You could easily regret any major steps you take. Keep your thoughts, finances, and emotions focused on achieving long-term goals rather than seeking instant gratification and employing quick fixes. The spark of imagination that lights up your life can give you hours of pleasure.